Hair Straightening Treatment

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  • Is your hair unruly?

  • Do you have to heat style it daily?

  • Are your hair ends dry & frizzy?

  • Suffering from highlight damage?

Then read on!

At Beauty Garden we only offer hair straightening treatments that are:

  • Formaldehyde free

  • Do not produce toxic smells

  • Do not cause eye irritation

  • Are safe for pregnant and breastfeeding clients

We know you're probably thinking:

- 'If it's really good it can't be formaldehyde free..."

- 'Once it wears out my hair will start breaking even worse...'

- 'I've tried it before and developed oily scalp and dandruff'

Our new generation treatments do not disrupt the natural hair balance

and hence have no side effects associated with the traditional formaldehyde containing keratin (e.g.: oily scalp, dandruff, hair breakage).

Other benefits of the treatment:

  • You do not need to blow dry at home to see the treatment work = less heat on your hair in the long run!

  • The treatment is washed out from your hair before you leave the salon (=see result before you leave & no need to sleep with chemicals in your hair & face)

  • Treatment can be done on hair of ANY CONDITION (hair that was recently bleached / permed / keratin treated etc)

Limited time promo

1200 aed

499 aed!

Valid exclusively for first time clients (!)

Don't want your hair 'too straight?' - no problem! You can choose between 2 different intensity treatments.

MasterPro Hair Protein

- Medium strength retexturing treatment that not only straightens 80-90% but also hydrates, repairs and increases the hair shine

- The main ingredients of the treatment are a mix of Lactic Acids, Coconut Lipids, Collagen, a mix of oils and vitamins

- Country of origin: Brazil

- Results last 6-9 months

- Changes the hair color 2 shades

Pure Cysteine

- Our premium straightening product that works by aligning the hair cuticles and transforms the damaged, dull and lifeless hair

- Makes hair 90-100% straight, silky and incredibly shiny.

- The product ingredient composition is a blend of AminoAcids and Cysteine (as well as a mix of Lactic Acids, Coconut Lipids, Collagen, a mix of oils and vitamins)

- Country of origin: Brazil

- Results last 9-12 months

- Changes the hair color 4 shades

Blonde hair? - no problem! Both treatments are safe for bleached hair.

MasterPro protein is also available in blonde version. It will deposit an ashy pigment into the hair that will go once the hair is ironed. That will help minimise the change of blonde hair color.

Before / after videos:

(all videos are made AFTER the first wash, not directly after ironing!)

Limited time promo

1200 aed

499 aed!

Valid exclusively for first time clients (!)

How exactly will the treatment be performed?

  1. Thorough hair wash

  2. Application of the chosen treatment on full length

  3. 60 mins waiting time

  4. Quick rinse

  5. Blast dry

  6. Section by section ironing

  7. Hair wash

  8. Blast dry

Procedure duration: 4-5 hrs for bra strap length.

Frequently Asked Questions

I recently coloured my hair, is it safe to receive this hair straightening treatment?

- While it's completely safe to receive the treatment, hair that was colored recently might appear more susceptible to the change of color. You might require a new hair colouring session after the treatment.

How much will my hair change color after the treatment?

The change of hair color depends on many factors such as original hair color, the type of color received and how long ago the it was received. Some clients experience zero color change while others experience 4 shade difference. Please speak to to the hairdresser to understand what to expect.

If I require a new hair color, will it be offered complimentary?

A new hair color if required will be chargeable.

What kind of aftercare will be required after the treatment?

You will need to only use sulphate free shampoo (instead of the regular shampoo). Avoid deep cleansing shampoos, hair scrubs and cleansing hair treatments as those might wash out the treatment sooner.

Can I bleach the hair after the treatment?

Yes, however it's not recommended. Since your hair will be covered by a layer of proteins, a more agressive bleach composition might be required to achieve the result. Bleaching will also wash out the treatment on the sections applied. We highly recommend to bleach / highlight prior to receiving the hair straightening treatment.

I don't want to lose volume, can you customize the treatment?

Yes, absolutely. We can apply the treatment only on certain strategic areas (e.g. only roots or only some parts of the crown) to achieve the desired effect. Please discuss with your hairdresser.

Can I wash my hair on the same day?

We recommend not to wash / pin / braid / curl hair for 48 hrs after receiving the treatment. However since we perform a wash as one of our final steps, you might find it easier to manage as the hair won't look greasy.

Does 499 aed price apply for any length?

Yes! However the promo is only available for first time clients who never visited the salon before.


I have been to Beauty Garden a few times now and my experience has been wonderful each time so far. I recently got Pure Cysteine treatment done and the hairdresser did a wonderful job - she mentioned concerns with my hair type, recommended the best ways to apply the treatment, took great care, was super meticulous with my haircut after and I absolutely love my hair after the treatment!!

So I wanted to share how wonderful my experience was with the full team of beauty garden, so friendly and nice. I had cysteine hair treatment and I feel more than satisfied by the result. Thank you so much for the experience I loved it :)

After some long search online and on instagram, I felt good about BeautyGarden . The hairdresser was so skilled and detailed. She did the hair straightening treatment according to all recommendations and got all my baby hairs with her flat iron 😍 She and everybody who lent a hand were really good company. So I was among good people with good hands and hearts and went out with amazing results❤️ Thank you guys, I am so lucky to have found you 🥰🌹


Limited time promo

1200 aed

499 aed!

Valid exclusively for first time clients (!)

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